• “Being the bride's sister, I had a huge list of do's and dont's for the new choreographer. Kartik has made my family's vision of my sisters sangeet come true. He is a choreographer of essence. His work was not only restricted to the dance practice but he had become a part of the celebrations of the family. His interpretational skills are fantastic and the thought process he has put in was more commendable than the extra hours he put in the dance practice. His nature of hard work rubbed off on all of us which made our sangeet absolutely memorable. Thank you so much Kartik, it was a true delight to know you and have danced with you.”
  • “Kartik Mohan is a little Pocket Rocket filled with energy, expressing happy emotions and always ready for the blast. I was a horrible dancer. I use to struggle with my co-ordination. My arm and feet movements were awry and scrappy. However, Kartik goes about his business in his own charismatic way. He cracks jokes, quips something comical, which helps you get out of your daily humdrum. In the meantime, you forget that you've practiced for hours without feeling the need to count them. Rest assured, he'll make you punch above your weight. Kartik is a thorough professional. No matter what the circumstances, he doesn't lose his temper. No matter if you ask him to repeat the steps a thousand times, he would do it without hesitating. All in all, he is a power pact performer. For many, he may be a mere choreographer. However, for us, he is a part of our family.”
    Varnam & Pratik
  • “From Shakira's Hips Don't Lie to Rum Rum, Oh Whiskey, we've experienced it all. Our dance rehearsals and eating intervals (long ones) are etched in our hearts and will be cherished forever. Together we shared a bond not even money would violate. We reserved the most special component of our wedding for Kartik -- wedding choreography. We handed over the reigns to him and buoy he came up with trailblazing choreography. We were completely blown away by his mastery. The choreography was amazing and we were thrilled to be a part of it. It turned out that all of us were able to abandon our inhibitions, tension and frustration as we twirled and stamped in swirling dervishes in an exuberant, passionate and energetic manner. It was and will always remain a pleasure to work with you. We are looking forward to having some more fun together. Thank you for all the inputs. "Chota packet bada dhamaka" That's Kartik Mohan in a nutshell. He never ceases to amaze us.”
    Richa & Rajbir
  • “Dynamism, passion, emotions, grace, smile and satisfaction. Kartik Mohan brings everything to the table. Be it club, wedding, cross-fit training or in a room confined to four walls, his characteristics remain the same. Dance topped the agenda and soon our hunt for a wedding choreographer began. Once we contacted Mr. Mohan, all our requirements were met. We instantly knew, we approached the right guy for the right job. In a meeting, we discussed the idea, the detailing and we were literally able to visualise the fun element. That's an aura of the man. He leaves a lasting impression on you. We immediately locked him for four months. Every single member of our family entered the four week joyride and got thoroughly entertained. He brings the excitement and teaches with passion. The toughest of steps are made to look ridiculously easy and the experience becomes memorable. We've made sure he is available for all future weddings in our family. The power and passion that he brings to dancing is a unique ability and we were fortunate to experience it. He is an epitome of excellence. Good luck and super work.”
    Pooja & Mitanshu
  • “With my brother's wedding fast approaching, we got blessed with a perfect choreographer, who helped us transform our dance moves. I was on cloud nine. I couldn't be any happier. While he has fire, passion and penchant for dancing, he has excelled in music and dance with meticulous ease. You made us feel at home before you made us whirl and twirl. We are impressed with your humility and kind-heartedness. You've a strong sense of visualisation combined with innovative ideas and concepts. Your efforts to teach everyone of us individually is your standout quality. Also, making dance moves look simpler and uncomplicated helped our cause. There was an instant connection which made you our very own. You'll always be part of my family. We all love you, Kartik. Thank you so much!”